Rollbit Coin’s 9000% Jump Catalyzes the Scorpion Casino Presale to $1M – Is it too Late to Buy?

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Rollbit Coin (RLB) is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies of 2023. At the time of this writing, RLB is selling for $0.1507, recording close to a 9000% surge on the 1-year chart. 

As exciting as that is, Rollbit is losing momentum. That doesn’t come as a surprise since the token doesn’t have much width for growth with its market cap at $497M. 

Investors are on the lookout for greener and younger pastures that can replicate the performance of Rollbit. They seem to have found an answer in Scorpion Casino, the new crypto gambling and sports betting platform that offers up to $10,000 USDT in passive income.

Rollbit vs. the market 

Despite the lukewarm performance of the crypto market this year, Rollbit has generated attractive returns for investors who seized the opportunity. Early investors and investors who bought the dip benefitted the most from the token’s series of bull runs. 

While other top cryptocurrencies of this year like Pepe took advantage of the speculative hype around meme coins to generate ROIs in four-digit percentages, Rollbit is an exception. It was driven by its value. Investors see value in the underlying Rollbit ecosystem which offers a wide range of modules like Casino, Sports Betting, and NFT trading to name a few.

The Rollbit dashboard underpins the utility and long-term value of the token, setting it apart from the crowd of useless crypto coins. 

Interestingly, Rollbit has also implemented a burning mechanism that buys and burns RLB tokens daily, based on platform revenue. The move has played a key role in fuelling the hype around the project. The burning mechanism limits the supply of RLB tokens in the open market, thus pumping its price. It is an excellent long-term strategy against market volatility. 

Rollbit has competition 

Rollbit is one of the most promising participants in the online gambling and sports betting sectors, as its journey over the year shows. But it is not without competition. And it doesn’t seem like the project will retain its supremacy for a long time. New participants like Scorpion Casino have stepped up the game in the market. 

Realizing this, investors are booking returns on their RLB holdings and entering the ongoing SCORP presale in large numbers. The token, now available at discounted prices, has large growth potential ranging from 10X to 30X this year. 

There are multiple factors that make Scorpion Casino a preferred choice for users. To begin with, it offers a wide range of casino, sports betting, and crash games. They are sourced from leading gaming providers like Evolution, NetEnt, Play N Go, Novomatic, EGT, and AMATIC. Partnerships with platforms like BetRadar and CoinsPaid, on the other hand, ensure a high-end gaming experience on Scorpion Casino. 

The credibility factor is also high, as shown below:

  • Scorpion Casino is regulated and licensed by the Curacao EGaming Authority.
  • The team has been successfully verified by Assure DeFi and given the KYC Gold Standard, thus ruling out the risk of a rug pull. It also gives accountability to the project, which is something most crypto projects lack. 
  • Scorpion Casino is shown to be 100% secure by a Solidproof security audit.

All of these three factors make gaming on Scorpion Casino a safe experience. All the payments and rewards on the platform are executed in SCORP, the native crypto.

Beyond burning 

One of the key highlights of Rollbit is its burning mechanism that combats market volatility. Scorpion Casino puts forward a two-fold mechanism to tackle the problem. It has better stability when compared to Rollbit, as shown below. 

Both RLB and SCORP burning mechanisms are tethered to the platform revenue. This is in contrast to the majority of the tokens that rely solely on tokenomics, which eventually cripple their internal economy. But when it comes to Rollbit and Scorpion Casino, the mechanism is more robust. 

As long as the platform acquires users, your investment is guaranteed to grow. And if you’re a long-term investor, you can make use of the attractive staking rewards on Scorpion Casino. The daily passive income can be as high as 10,000 USDT depending on the performance of the platform. 

RLB or SCORP – Which is the best buy now?

If you have your eyes on returns that are slightly better than bank interest rates, RLB is a decent investment at this point. But with its market cap at $400M+ already, it’s unrealistic to expect RLB to replicate its performance. 

Scorpion Casino, on the other hand, has larger room for growth. Not just because SCORP has yet to launch, but also because of its robust makeup. The project gives competition to Rollbit in the online gambling and sports betting market. And the staking reward potential gives it a strong competitive edge.

To learn about the project development, giveaway contests, and updates about the token presale, join the Scorpion Casino community on Telegram and Twitter.


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