Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Meta Masters Guild Presale Storms Past $1m – Price Set to Rise 30% Today, So Invest Now

Monday January 23rd 2023 – Meta Masters Guild, rapidly gaining popularity as a top play-to-earn gaming platform, has raised over $1,054,000 from investors within a span of two weeks.

Stage 2 of the seven-stage presale is scheduled to end in six days but is likely to finish in the next few hours.

When the fundraising reaches the $1,120,000 mark the $MEMAG enters Stage 3. The token price will then jump 30%, from the current $0.01000 to $0.01300.

Invest today for 129% price uplift when presale ends

In all, the presale has seven stages. When the presale gets to its final stage, $MEMAG will be priced at $0.02300 – that’s a 129% premium to the current offer price.

The project has set itself the relatively modest goal of raising $4.97 million in order to complete its roadmap, so there’s no need for investors to worry about overpromising and execution failure

With no time to lose, prospective investors will need to move in a spritely fashion to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new games project. 

Meta Masters Guild is making a major pitch to create the crypto sector’s most sustainable play-to-earn crypto.

The Meta Masters Guild pitch: Sustainable play-and-earn not boring play-to-earn

Undoubtedly P2E has been one of the breakthrough applications of crypto technology. Its disruptive potential has been demonstrated, as seen in the initial success of Axie Infinity, for example.

But that success wasn’t sustainable because of the way P2E was implemented, which put the emphasis on earning through doing repetitive and boring in-game tasks over fun gameplay.

Meta Masters Guild is doing away with all that by switching the emphasis to enjoyable and engaging gameplay.

Not surprisingly perhaps, analysts believe Meta Masters Guild has the potential to become this year’s fastest-growing play-to-earn cryptocurrency this year with 10x potential. 

It should of course be the A-B-C of any gaming endeavor to make products that are enjoyable to play, so that the users keep coming back for more.

Meta Masters Guild believes games need enjoyable engagement to go viral and become commercial successes

Addictive engagement is what delivers virality, not how much money can be made playing a game. 

Meta Masters Guild is unlocking the value in gaming for players, but it is doing so by taking the play-and-earn approach. 

It may sound like an obvious and simple idea but play-and-earn is yet to be embraced by the crypto-gaming industry, until now.

Meta Masters Guild aims to surpass the early achievements of Axie Infinity by creating a model and platform that is aimed at long-term growth. 

The team is shunning the short-termism of economic models that might attract speculators looking to make a quick buck, but who have no loyalty or buy-in with the games.

To achieve this end the project’s first game, Meta Kart Racers, will be the battering ram.

Meta Kart Racers could become the most-played crypto game of 2023 and beyond

Meta Kart will be free-to-play while incorporating a gamut of play-and-earn options. 

The game is to be released on mobile platforms as part of the plan to become the world’s biggest mobile-focused casual gaming crypto games platform. There will also be a browser version.

In the P2E mode, players can earn Gems from their in-game activity and also win rare NFTs.

To get started with Meta Kart, users simply select their favorite drivers and karts and then choose from one of the many fun racing tracks. 

Go solo in the arcade mode or test your skills in PVP (player vs player) competitions.

Players can use either Gems or MEMAG tokens to buy and upgrade their drivers and karts available in the Meta Masters Guild Store. 

You can also play-and-earn in arcade mode to win rare NFTs. Meta Masters Guild NFTs are in-game playable characters once purchased and are rendered in 3D.

Meta Masters Guild has chosen this particular format after research showed it was a highly popular and growing area of the games industry. In the racing games segment, total revenue generated was $2.68 billion in 2022, according to data from Statista.

The thrills and spills of racing games is a far cry from the tedium of poorly implemented P2E farming formats. 

Meta Masters Guild has world-class blockchain tech and games development partners

The Meta Kart game is already at an advanced stage of development in the capable hands of gaming studio Gamearound.

Other partners include blockchain development company RWaltz, who’s product development encompasses work with Probit exchange, 100XCoin and BTC Bizarre.

Gamearound recently developed a game for billion-dollar fashion retailer Boohoo.

Meta Masters Guild has two other games in the works, both at the concept stage.

Meta Masters World is a build, explore, and conquer mobile game created by Gamearound. 

The third game which will be starting development soon is Raid NFT. 

Anyone with a crypto wallet can invest in $MEMAG

Early investors in Meta Masters Guild’s web3 decentralized gaming proposition stand to make substantial returns on investment in the fastest-growing sector of the global entertainment industry. 

The Meta Masters Guild presale is open to all members of the public. Connect your crypto wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet at the website to buy $MEMAG with either ETH or USDT.

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