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Exclusive to FT Alphaville, we are delighted to unveil a digital tombstone in commemoration of those who invested their own and other people’s money in collapsed crypto exchange FTX:

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Minted in virtual plastic from 100 per cent blockchain, this precious keepsake gives eternal remembrance of crypto’s biggest scandal of the year so far. Names it records have been carefully hand-picked by artisan paralegals from public documents including FTX’s series B, B1 and C funding round announcements.

The FTX bagholder tombstoNFT is a strictly limited edition of one. Bidding on OpenSea is now open, with all proceeds donated to preferred equity holders on a first-come-first-served basis (and contingent on them telling us about the due diligence process).

Don’t miss what might (but probably won’t) be your only chance to grab a memento to monumental fiduciary negligence that surely will become a treasured family heirloom unless the image server goes offline, in which case sorry but no refunds.

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