Sen. Ted Cruz rips Mayorkas over border crisis: ‘Literally the largest human trafficker on the face of Earth’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, skewered the Biden administration for “deliberately” causing the border crisis and accused DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of being the largest “human trafficker on Earth,” telling “Varney & Co.” Thursday Democrats “don’t give a damn” about immigrants being left to die on Texas soil.

SEN. TED CRUZ: I think it’s indisputable. If you look at what this administration has done, it takes a series of steps that have deliberately caused this border crisis. We’re now looking at more than 5.4 million illegal immigrants who have crossed the border under Joe Biden. It’s the worst illegal immigration in the history of our nation. Just last month, in December, we had the highest rate of illegal immigration that has ever been recorded in a single month in the history of our country. And the Biden Administration wants this, they intend this. In fact, if you look at the job Alejandro Mayorkas is doing as secretary of homeland security, I believe the House of Representatives is going to impeach Mayorkas, and I think they should impeach him. 


And the reason is he’s not just derelict in his duty, he’s not just refusing to follow federal law, he’s doing that, but it’s even worse. He is actively flouting federal law and instructing his political appointees not only not to secure the border, not only not to deport people as federal law requires when they cross here illegally, but instead to facilitate and speed up the process of their coming here illegally. He’s focused on there’s process them more quickly, let’s pick them up at the border, let’s put them on a plane, on a bus, and send them to every city in America. Alejandro Mayorkas is right now literally the largest human trafficker on the face of the Earth. Five point four million people and he is the last mile in the human trafficking network that is making the Mexican cartels billions of dollars. He doesn’t intend to change, Joe Biden doesn’t intend to change. They keep making the problem worse. 

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