Can Drinking Vinegar Stop Glucose Spikes? A Scientific Expert Explains It All

When I first heard about vinegar as the new wellness trend, I will admit I thought it was the new ‘warm water with lemon.’ But there was one person who managed to convince me of its benefits. Jessie Inchauspé, better known as the Glucose Goddess. 

The French biochemist and author of the book Glucose Revolution and The Glucose Goddess Method shared how to make the most of the properties of vinegar and improve our health. “Lemon is good, if you like it,” explains the expert. “But if what you want is to level your glucose, lemon and vinegar act in different ways.” Lemon has citric acid, which has an impact on stomach acidity. Vinegar, on the other hand, has acetic acid, which is a much more powerful molecule,’ he says in an exclusive interview. “Acetic acid slows down the enzymes that convert food to glucose. The difference is that, to get the same results from one tablespoon of vinegar, you would need the juice of three lemons.”

If the aroma of vinegar makes your stomach turn (that’s me, honestly). “Then you can add a little lemon. It’s better that than nothing,” she explains. The scientist also shares some tricks to help disguise the strong taste of vinegar if you find it inconceivable to have a spoonful. “One of my favorite tricks is to add a green starter to your meals so you can kill two birds with one stone and use vinegar as a dressing,” she says on her website. Other options can be freezing ice cubes with vinegar or my favorite (and in my opinion the most tolerable) adding it to a hot cinnamon tea.

If you want to give vinegar a chance to help with sugar levels, lose weight, and reduce cravings and constant hunger, then you need to know how to know how to choose the right one. Inchauspé names white vinegar, rice vinegar, or coconut vinegar as good choices. “What should be avoided is balsamic vinegar and vinaigrettes with added sugars,” she says. “For those defeat the main purpose, which is ultimately to manage your glucose levels. The important thing is to read labels, because some flavored vinegars or vinegar sauces are misleading at first glance and contain high levels of sugar.”

You also can’t leave out the well-known apple cider vinegar and delve a little deeper into it. In Inchauspé’s research, the scientist found that it also has important nutrients such as magnesium, iron, amino acids, natural probiotics, and powerful antioxidants. “It helps improve digestion and reduces inflammation,” she explains to her over 3 million followers on Instagram.

There are also other products on the market that promise better taste, like gummies and vinegar tablets. But you have to know that those seemingly innocent gummies are not the best option. Inchauspé warned that they contain up to one gram of sugar each, so in addition to not helping you flatten your glucose levels, they can cause even bigger spikes.


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