Lila Moss on Her Personal Style, Perfecting Her Runway Walk, and the One Thing She Can’t Steal from Her Mother’s Closet

As the daughter of supermodel Kate Moss, it’s no surprise that Lila Moss has a treasure trove of good tips and tricks learned from the legend herself. “Less is more,” and “always be kind to everyone,” are two of the essential lessons Lila shares with us in this episode of “Diary of a Model.”

In the latest installment, we follow along as the 20-year-old model gets ready to close the Chloé fall 2023 ready-to-wear show. Glowing skin is a fashion show-must, but luckily for Lila, her youthful glow comes with age. Her quick beauty routine includes rinsing her face with water and putting on some eye patches for depuffing action. She orders croissants for breakfast (pain au chocolat are her favorite), before getting dressed in a moss-colored knit sweater, gray-washed denim, and platform Doc Martens. “I like to wear shoes with a bit of a platform because I probably will be the shortest girl at the show today,” says Moss, who is famously 5’6”.

With 30 minutes until call time, Lila talks about her diabetes diagnosis and what it’s like to live with the condition as she makes her way to a local café for a matcha latte with almond milk, (matcha is a popular drink with many diabetics as it reportedly helps stabilize blood sugar levels). Sipping her latte, she talks about the way her mother’s iconic style influences her own. “I copy her outfits consistently,” she recalls. “I come out in her outfits, and she goes, ‘I’m so jealous it’s so cute!’ and I’m just like, ‘It’s all yours!’” Her only regret is that she can’t steal her mom’s shoes—she wears a size 5 and Kate is a size 6. 

Lila talks about feeling the pressure with her dad [Dazed magazine founder Jefferson Hack] coming to the Chloé show. “When I have my parents watching the show, I want to make them proud. But it’s also more pressure, I feel,” Lila explains. To ease her nerves, she practices her walk. “Keep my shoulders back, remember to stay centered, and walk with confidence,” is her mantra to ensure that the photographers capture the best shot “for” (Thanks, Lila!). Once she feels confident in her walk, she heads backstage to talk with Chloé’s creative director Gabriela Hearst. “These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn,” Moss proclaims to the designer before getting dressed in her final look—a gauzy maxi dress paired with a beaded body chain that proudly showcases her insulin pod. “This is my final look,” said Moss. “I’m so happy with it and I’m so happy to be closing the show, showing off my pod on the runway.” 

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