Michelle Obama Is Now a Ganni Girl

This is not the first Canadian tuxedo to come out of Obama’s colourful closet. In the spring, she wore South Korean designer Rejina Pyo’s modern take on the workaday style, featuring a dramatic pointed collar and statement belt. Back in 2018, she put her weight behind minimalist Swiss workwear favorite, Akris, in a tailored version of Americana chic. Not for Michelle the world of muted tailoring. Instead, Roksanda striped pajama-inspired separates and embellished Givenchy tuxedos vie for her attention, as Koop keeps on proposing individual fashion that gives us an insight into the woman behind the powerhouse persona.

Canadian tuxing in April…

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

And back in 2018.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Her new tome, a fresh perspective on self-help featuring coping strategies and techniques to stay hopeful, also seeks to unmask the version of Michelle we see in the spotlight. She lays bare the reality of standing out because of her height—agonizing over heels that wouldn’t make her look too tall and lamenting that she couldn’t pull Calvin Klein jeans off the rack like her peers—but eventually learning to “attach better feelings to [her] differentness”. Her journey to wearing that directional denim Ganni suit has not, then, been a straightforward one. But then the best fashion never is.

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