Selena Gomez Goes Totally Make-Up Free in New Photos

It’s rare we see celebrities looking truly undone. With entire glam teams devoted to helping them look polished and preened, you’d be forgiven for thinking they look next-level luminous at all times. Just like us, they have their make-up free moments, times when they simply can’t be bothered to make the effort, as Selena Gomez proved on Wednesday.

Posting a trio of photographs of herself, bare-faced and beautiful, the singer and founder of Rare Beauty gave us an insight into how she looks in her downtime. Captioning the photographs “me”, she posed looking relaxed and content, with her cheek propped against her hand.

A refreshing departure from most celebrity selfies, she isn’t wearing a scrap of make-up in the photographs—a small blemish can even be seen underneath her nose. Shattering the myth that famous people are spot-free and practically perfect at all times, she nonetheless looks gorgeous and glowing. 

A self-love queen, Gomez has previously discussed embracing herself in all of her forms. She has declared that “real stomachs” are coming back, showed off her kidney transplant scars and regularly discusses media discourse around her weight and appearance. “B*tch, I am perfect the way I am,” she quipped. “Moral of the story? Bye.” If that’s not the kind of energy we all need today, then what is?

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