Sydney Sweeney’s Workwear Collection With Ford and Dickies Is a Study in Personal Style

“I think my first-ever class photo is me wearing a pair of overalls,” says Sydney Sweeney with a smile over Zoom. “That has been me since day one.” Despite a whirlwind introduction into her twenties, which involved blockbuster roles in Euphoria and White Lotus and campaigns with Miu Miu and Tory Burch, the actor has kept in touch with that overall-clad, preschool version of herself. “I’m always in jeans, T-shirts, baseball caps, and still, overalls,” she tells me. It comes as no surprise, then, that in partnership with Ford, Sweeney is bringing her personal style to a new collection of workwear.  

Part of Built Ford Proud, a platform launched in 2018 that spotlights the next generation of drivers, the collaboration between Ford and Sweeney takes Sweeney back to her roots. “I grew up driving Fords and in a family of mechanics,” she says. “So being able to be part of a campaign that empowers young women — I’m really proud of that.” The actor inherited a love for repairing cars and began chronicling the restoration of her own 1969 red Ford Bronco via her TikTok channel, @syds_garage, while filming Euphoria. “I would go to my best friend’s shop after we would wrap for the day. I felt at home there,” she says. “So when Ford came to me, I was so excited. I wore overalls in the shop every single day when I worked on my Bronco. This is very genuine.” Featuring an exclusive workwear collection and content collaboration, the partnership is branded as Syd’s Garage, after Sweney’s channel and the nickname she goes by among friends and family. “Ford x Syd’s Garage is me sharing who I am,” says Sweeney. “This collaboration has been a way for me to truly be Syd.” 

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