Beer at 2022 World Cup: Qatar pushing for ‘complete stadium beer ban’, according to Times report

Qatar are putting pressure on FIFA to stop selling beer at the eight stadiums hosting matches at the 2022 World Cup – that is according to The Times.
Currently ticket holders – according to FIFA’s fan guide – will be able to buy Budweiser at the Brand Activation Areas within the stadium perimeter three hours prior to kick-off and one hour after the final whistle. Inside the actual stadiums, fans can buy Budweiser Zero – which is non-alcoholic – and Coca-Cola.

However, according to The Times, Qatari authorities are applying pressure to FIFA u-turn on this policy and stop selling Budweiser at the eight hosting stadiums. Thus, currently, the only place beers is certain for average to be available is at fan parks.

The report adds that should FIFA acquiesce to the request, it would put them in breach of a multimillion-dollar contract with Budweiser.

An announcement firming up the rules on alcohol is expected on Friday November 18, just two days before Qatar kick the tournament off against Ecuador.
The request is thought not to impact hospitality boxes. However, the cost of a suite starts at £19,000.

Can you drink alcohol in Qatar usually?

Drinking alcohol is not illegal in Qatar. But there is a ban on drinking in public that had been relaxed for the World Cup. Fans will only be allowed to drink in special licensed public places – and one of those licensed venues was the Brand Activation Areas within the stadium perimeter.

However, that now appears to be under threat.

Drinking outside of these areas could lead to a fine of up to 3,000 Riyals – which is approximately £700 – and a six-month jail sentence, according to

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