Yankees’ Aaron Boone suspended for recent conduct toward umpires

New York Yankees fans are going to have to blindly blame somebody else if the Bronx Bombers lose on Friday night.

Why? Because manager Aaron Boone has been suspended for Friday’s game against the San Diego Padres.

His one-game suspension comes from “his recent conduct toward Major League Umpires, including the actions following his ejection from Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium.” 

Boone was ejected for the third time in the Yanks’ last 10 games on Thursday. 

Boone was arguing balls and strikes in the third inning, which resulted in his latest ejection.

The video shows Boone holding up four fingers when arguing with the umpires, signaling he felt four calls were missed. 

Aaron Boone argues with umpire


Despite his anger toward the umps recently, Boone would not advocate for MLB to use robot umpires

“Clearly he shouldn’t have had to throw almost 30 pitches in that first inning,” Boone said of what he felt were missed strike calls on pitches by Yankees starter Clarke Schmidt. “But, no, I’m not advocating for the robo. I think these guys [umpires] do for the most part a great job and work really hard at it. When you’re playing for a lot, there’s going to be some issues from time to time, as simple as that.”

Aaron Boone yells at umpire

Boone appeared to accidentally spit in an umpire’s face on Thursday, as well.

Since his first year as a manager in 2018, he leads all of baseball in ejections with 30. His four thus far this season are also the most in the league.

Fox News’ Joe Morgan and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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