These iPhones Won’t Work With iOS 17. See if Yours Made the Cut

Each year, Apple gives a huge upgrade to its iPhone software, which includes many exciting changes. Apple previewed the latest software, iOS 17, at its WWDC event on June 5, noting that it’ll be available to download this fall, but not all iPhone users will have access. As with all of the major Apple software updates, several iPhones are getting left behind, including the iPhone X from 2017.

If you’re not sure which iPhone you’ve got, a quick check in your settings can show you. Open your Settings app and tap General > About. Next to Model Name, you’ll see which iPhone you have.

We’ll tell you how to find out whether your iPhone will be compatible with iOS 17. If you’d like to try out the iOS 17 beta, the public beta will be available in July. Want to know more about iOS 17? Apple will turn your photos into stickers with Messages.

iPhones that are compatible with iOS 17

If you’ve got one of these iPhones, you’ll have access to iOS 17 when it’s available this year, Apple said.

What if your iPhone isn’t on the compatibility list?

If your iPhone isn’t listed above, it won’t support iOS 17 and you won’t get a notification to download the newest software. For instance, if you have an iPhone X or older, the latest software you’ll ever be able to use on that phone is iOS 16.

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