‘I sleep on the floor every day’: Meet Malaysia’s GE15 volunteers

Lim Hao Xing, 19, Independent candidate volunteer

Lim Hao Xing could have chosen to volunteer under the banner of one of the political titans for GE15, but the 19-year-old instead chose independent candidate Lee Wai Hong who is running for a seat in Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur.

Hao Xing says helping out in a significantly smaller team gives him “precious opportunities”.

“I get (to be) near the essence of politics such as policy-making, statistics study, election strategy, and witness the process of democracy at the very frontlines – such as nomination day and poll-counting,” said Hao Xing, who is awaiting offers from universities.

What he enjoys most though, is being able to be involved directly in the decision making process where he can contribute his own ideas.

“These are almost impossible for a freshman like me to experience in a big party at the start, as they are often too crowded and too conservative.”

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