In final hours of Malaysia GE15 campaign, coalition leaders lobby undecided voters


In a video on Facebook, BN chairman Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the coalition’s track record has proven that its leadership has always remained loyal.

“The presence of BN leaders during difficult and good times has proven that we are very close to the peoples’ heart,” he said, adding that the coalition is offering experienced leaders who are able to handle the country in good and bad conditions.

“The experience of 22 months of Pakatan Harapan government has shown that a leader who is only popular, is not enough if he is not supported by the Cabinet line-up, who are experienced and the party is supported by the grassroots.

“Similarly, if a leader has led for 17 months but failed to provide good continuity, then clearly, the coalition should not be given the mandate to make Malaysia an experimental country.”

Ahmad Zahid, who is also president of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), has also pledged to propose the appointment of deputy prime ministers from Sabah and Sarawak if the coalition can form the government. 

He also said that this is in line with BN’s commitment to revive the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63). 

The MA63 issue refers to the restoration of Sabah and Sarawak’s status as outlined in the 1963 agreement, which gives the two states and Malaya equal status as the original founders of the Malaysian federation. 

It seeks to undo the 1976 amendment to the constitution which placed Sabah and Sarawak with the rest of the states in Malaysia, seen as a downgrade by many Sabahans and Sarawakians. 

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