Erin Molan pays moving tribute to late father Jim Molan and his legacy as a father, politician and decorated major general

Erin Molan has broken her silence since the death of her father Jim Molan in an emotional tribute to the late senator and army general.

She opened up to Sky News host Paul Murray on Thursday evening about the loss of her father, revealing the thing she found most difficult about his death. 

“Probably the one thing I’ve found most difficult, because I’ve always looked forward to it … was Dad speaking at my wedding,” she told Murray. 

“No one has asked me recently,” she said with a laugh.

“But I’m sure he would have spoke just beautifully.”

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Mr Molan died aged 72 after a long battle with an aggressive form of cancer. 

The decorated former major general had been involved in politics since 2012, after retiring from the army in 2008. 

He served in Indonesia, East Timor and Iraq during a four decade career in the military. 

In his political career, he worked closely on Operation Sovereign Borders alongside former prime minister Scott Morrison and entered the senate in 2017.

Mr Molan worked throughout his illness, regularly appearing on Sky News Australia as a contributor alongside his parliamentary work. 

While known for his strong positions on national security and advocacy for defence, Erin Molan revealed a little-known aspect of her father’s legacy brought her family the most pride. 

Mr Molan was highly respected for his contribution as Deputy Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Stillbirth Research – a position influenced by the death of his granddaughter Emily from bowel cancer. 

“Particularly in politics, people would have thought about Dad when it comes to national security … but it was actually the work he did on the stillbirth committee because of what she’d gone through that probably brought us the most joy,” Ms Molan said. 

She told Paul Murray she had watched the “really special” tribute to her father on Paul Murray Live which aired last week with her family. 

“So many people off the back of that reached out again and said how incredible it wasn’t that if we as a family could sit down and watch something we should watch that,” she said.

“And we did and it really just blew us away.”

The broadcaster will return to present her program on Sky News Australia on Friday. 

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