Nationals Senator Matt Canavan labels COP27 climate conference as ‘one big scam’ after Chris Bowen represented Australia

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has labelled the United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP27, as “one big scam”. 

The annual event – where countries come together to discuss climate change policies – was held in El-Eheikh in Egypt from November 6 to 18.

Australia was represented by Energy Minister Chris Bowen and Assistant Minister Jenny McAllister at the conference.

World leaders also attended, including both US President Joe Biden and newly elected UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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Mr Canavan appeared on Sky News Australia on Friday night and said the conference was just a “money-making venture”. 

“It’s the biggest collection of hypocrites…it’s like a tawdry sort of sales expo,” he told host Chris Kenny. 

“When you draw all of the stuff out from this climate change agenda, really there’s just one big scam.

‘What Cop is about now is just a money-making venture. It’s sponsored by large corporations.”

The Nationals Senator continued to slam the event and argued that it has “nothing to do with saving the planet.” 

“There are 45 thousand people apparently that have travelled to Egypt for Cop, imagine the carbon emissions involved with that,” Mr Canavan said. 

His comment’s come after Chris Bowen posted a clip to Twitter on Wednesday and said it was an “honour” to represent Australia. 

“Australia is back providing leadership on climate action and our pavilion showcasing Australia as a renewable energy superpower is super-popular with delegates from around the world!,” he wrote. 

But Mr Canavan says the Energy Minister “will never mention” the role nuclear energy has played at the Cop conference. 

“One thing that Chris Bowen will never mention, is that nuclear energy has played a big role at the Cop conference,” he said. 

“But then when Chris Bowen gets back off the plane here (Australia), he will trout out these tired old lines that somehow nuclear energy is too expensive. 

“If Cop came here Chris, we would at least see that inconsistency totally exposed. The rest of the world is actually building nuclear power stations.”

It comes amid heightened debate on the topic as the Albanese government continues to rule out nuclear energy as a source and pushes for renewables. 

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