Uber in the ‘spirits of ambitious targets’: Company to only use electric cars by 2040

Uber ANZ Managing Director Dom Taylor says his company, in the “spirit of ambitious targets,” set the goal last night for all vehicles used for Uber Eats and Uber rides to be electric ones.

“Uber, in the spirit of ambitious targets, has set a big one, and that is for 100 per cent of trips on Uber to be in electric vehicles by 2040. This applies to both Uber Eats and Uber rides as of last night,” he told The Australian’s Editorial Director Claire Harvey at the Australia’s Economic Outlook business luncheon.

“Two years ago, just to put that in perspective, the number of trips that were occurring in electric vehicles in Australia was around 0.1 per cent – so in 2020, 0.1 per cent of trips were in electric vehicles, but by 2040, we aim to increase that to 100 per cent.”

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