Regina’s Italian Star Deli opens new location with hope of continuing family legacy

Regina’s much beloved Italian Star Deli has officially opened the doors to its brand-new location.

The new location is only 35 steps from the current shop, but will have 6,200 square feet to serve Regina customers.

The deli is perhaps best known for its Italian sandwiches on their infamous Focaccia Bread.

Some customers in line for the lunchtime sandwiches said they had been coming to the deli for 10 years while others said they have been customers for over three decades.

“It’s always been a family feel,” said longtime customer Brett Kuprowski. “They always welcome you at the till and welcoming has always been the feel at the Italian star.”

“Especially after COVID-19, you know seeing this is a real feather in the hat so to speak for businesses in Regina, so yeah it is great to see,” said Kelvin Fedak.

One of the reasons for the loyal fan-base is the deli’s spirited owner, Carlo Giambattista.

Giambattista’s Italian immigrant parents opened the original deli at 1611 Victoria Avenue in 1966.

“We are now 21 employees, but I remember starting off just two employees with my mom and myself,” Giambattista said.

The new location was over three years in the making, with countless trips back and forth between the buildings.

“We were like ants,” Giambattista said when talking about the number of trips taken between stores. “We found that sugar trail and we were hitting that trail coming back.”

With the new building comes more deli window space, a brand-new coffee and espresso bar and a bigger kitchen for hot food service.

For Giambattista, the new location is a chance to offer more food to Regina residents, but it is also a chance at a future for his family. He hopes the new location allows his two kids to have a beautiful Italian Star Deli to take over themselves one day.

The new location can be found at 1631 Victoria Ave.

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