‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Giselle’ ballet performances come to Okanagan stage

The magic of Swan Lake is coming to life on an Okanagan stage.

The members of the Mission Dance Company have been working tirelessly to bring the classic story to life this weekend.

“There is an evil sorcerer that puts a spell on a young innocent maiden, and then she gets turned into a swan against her will and then, of course, there’s a prince that comes to save her with his true love,” said artistic director and choreographer Tanya Vadurova.

Ballet dancer Olivia Latendresse is dancing the role of the white swan who is also called Odette.

“This is actually my first time playing the role of Odette and so it’s quite surreal. It’s a very exciting experience and it is a dream for sure,” said Latendresse.

“She is probably the most iconic character that you think of when you think of Swan Lake. She is very serene and peaceful and gentle and she (represents) beauty in a ballet.”

Dancing opposite Latendresse as her foe is Annette Bakala as Odile.

“Odile who is the evil counterpart of Odette, the white swan,” said Bakala, “which is very fiery. It’s very fast and very exciting.”

Accompanying their performance of Swan Lake is another performance called Giselle, where the dancers’ good and evil roles are swapped. The company will perform the second act of the romantic ballet

“This shortened version of Giselle will tell the story of the second half of the ballet when Giselle finds herself initiated into the world of the Willis, other maidens who died of a broken heart, and has to follow the orders of the queen of the Willis, Myrtha,” states a press release.

Latendresse takes on the role of Myrtha, the Queen of the Willis.

“Willis are women who have died of broken hearts, and they’re basically out for vengeance against any man who has broken their hearts,” said Latendresse.

“Myrtha is their leader, so she’s quite a powerful stern character, which is really fun to play.”

Bakala dances the title role of Giselle.

“My personal favourite thing about being a ballet dancer is honestly giving back to the audience and when we get applause, when we (hear) cheering, it just shows us that we’re doing the job right,” said Bakala.

Swan Lake and Giselle will be performed June 10-11; tickets are available at

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