Trudeau says he was not briefed on federal candidates allegedly receiving funds from China

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday that Canadian intelligence officials never briefed him on allegations that China was funding federal candidates in Canada’s 2019 election.

“I do not have any information, nor have I been briefed on any federal candidates receiving any money from China,” the prime minister told media in Tunisia on Sunday as he concluded a trip to Africa and Asia.

The response comes two weeks after Global News reported on information from sources that security officials had briefed the Prime Minister starting last January about an alleged Chinese interference network that was covertly working to advance China’s interests.

According to the 2022 intelligence memos, a large clandestine transfer of funds earmarked for 2019 election interference by China’s Toronto consulate was transferred to an Ontario MPP via a federal campaign staffer, sources said.

That money then was disbursed to other members of the same network, separate sources alleged.

The network involves at least 11 candidates and 13 campaign staff according to memos provided to Trudeau, these sources said.

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