Winnipeggers get festive at St. Patrick’s Day parade Saturday

Only green could be seen on some Winnipeg streets on Saturday as the annual St Patricks Day Parade made its way through the Polo Park area.

The parade returned after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and organizers were overjoyed to bring it back.

“I think it’s pretty exciting. We were super ready to have the parade,” said Parade Coordinator, Margaret Gannon. “Everything was still in the basement, pretty much ready to go. So here we are three years later and we’re unpacking.”

Gannon said every town in the world has a parade for St. Patrick’s Day and the celebrations are wholesome and inclusive.

“Good for kids and families and people from all over the city to unite and enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the sun, go for a walk together, and enjoy our communities.”

This year, the parade really leaned into all things green using up-cycled and homemade props. Gannon said some of the decorations were made out of painted cardboard.

“It turns out cardboard is a wonderful medium. If you wet it and let it dry, it stays in the shape. We have these beautiful leprechaun heads and a couple of fellows dressed in some leprechaun suits that might be donning an extraordinarily large head.”

Gannon said the event brings lots of smiles and glee: “All the smiling faces, like I would do this every day if I could.”

The one-day event featured a specially made playlist of jigging Irish Party music.

“Keeps everybody walking at a fair pace, a little singing a little jig and a little dancing.”

Gannon said the Irish Association has been an incredible friend to the parade.

“They’ve opened us with welcome arms, They’re very supportive, they’re very kind, they’re very considerate and they’re just a whole lot of fun.”

“They have fun here all year round. And so the best part about the parade is that a lot of people can come and discover this beautiful little gem in Winnipeg that’s always here with open doors.”


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