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Is Taylor Swift seeing Travis Kelce? Brother Jason Kelce says, ‘Trav is having fun’

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce declined to spill any tea Thursday night about his brother, famed Kansas City Chiefs tight end — and potential Taylor Swift suitor — Travis Kelce.

Following Philadelphia’s 34-28 victory over the Minnesota Vikings, Jason Kelce appeared on the Amazon Prime post-game show when Hall of Fame tight end and aspiring actor Tony Gonzalez coyly asked the truly important, non-football question of the evening.

“Jason, you talk about family, and I have a 15-year-old daughter and she’s a big fan of a certain pop star. And you have a family member, a brother I think, and I’ve been hearing rumors that there’s maybe some stuff,” a smiling Gonzalez posed. “Can you comment on this?”

Jason Kelce took the Fifth.

“I’ve seen these rumors; I cannot comment,” the amused Eagles offensive lineman said.

Even if Jason Kelce wanted to shake off the query, panelists wouldn’t allow him to leave a blank space to the question Swifties across America are asking.

“Ever since ‘Catching Kelce’ everybody has been infatuated with Travis’ love life,” Jason Kelce said of the dating reality show featuring Travis Kelce in 2016.

“I don’t really know what’s going on there. I know Trav is having fun. We’ll see what happens with whoever he ends up with.”

Word of a potential Kelce-Swift duet has been filling social media for weeks. There’s clearly interest in a potential collaboration on Travis Kelce’s end.

He’s admitted to wanting to give Swift his phone number, via a Swiftie friendship bracelet, when she played in Kansas City this summer.

But Kelce, 33, couldn’t get an audience with the pop megastar, also 33, to shoot his shot.

The natives of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, touched on Swift and Travis’ facial hair in an Aug. 31 edition of the brothers’ podcast, “New Heights.”

“Have you found out what Taylor Swift thinks of your mustache?” Jason Kelce asked.

“Yeah, we’re not gonna bring up Taylor Swift in this episode,” Travis Kelce said. “But something tells me she’s gonna like it!”

Travis and Jason Kelce are two of the best-known brothers to ever play pro football.

The eight-time Pro Bowl selection Travis Kelce has won two Super Bowl rings, most recently in February when his Chiefs beat Jason Kelce’s Eagles.

Jason Kelce, 35, has been picked for the Pro Bowl six times and has a Super Bowl ring.

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